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If you are looking get into the Leather Repair business, then please take a look at our 3 day professional Leather Repair Course. If you have any questions about training in leather repair, please contact us with your enquiry. We are here to help you decide what leather repair course is best suited to you.

At our leather repair training centre based in Bloxwich / Walsall, we are able to provide a comprehensive, professional hands on approach to learning leather repair.

Our leather repair training courses can be manipulated to address all levels of training requirements, from a complete beginner to an advanced leather repair technician who has specific training needs. Please check our CALENDAR for upcoming courses

All our leather repair courses are based on real repairs working on actual vehicles or sofas. This we believe will benefit you better than learning in a solely classroom based course. This means that once you have completed our course, you will have done repairs on an actual vehicles and sofas, just as you would expect to find once you are out in the field.

At Midlands Mars we have the skills, marketing knowledge and training ability to provide you with the opportunity to become succesful part of this vast and growing repair industry.

To become a competent and effective leather repair technician requires the correct training and knowledge of what products to use. Here at Midlands Mars we have the answers that you will require. Over the years we have tried and tested all the leading repair products on the market and we know what works best for all the various types of repair you will come across as a leather repair technician.

We can work round you as an individual or company to address your training needs as required, our training is designed around you. We will listen to you requirements and tailor the course to suit your needs.

On our leather training courses, we can show you:

  • Cleaning & Care of leather: from cleaning lightly soiled areas through to heavy duty deep cleaning and steam cleaning.
  • Prepping the area to be repaired: We show you how best to prep the area, the products to use for the best results. This is one of the most important steps in any repair, if not done correctly the repair will fail!
  • Repairing the damage: How to repair the various jobs you will encounter like cuts, rips, burn holes, fading, cracking, abrasions and peeling.
  • Grain Copying: not all leather is smooth many have a grain or texture. You are taught how to copy a leathers grain pattern and then imprint it into the repair compound.
  • Colour Matching: We will go through the basics of colour matching and colour theory. We can teach you the understanding and simple colour matching in a day, but to become proficient you will need to practice yourself. We therefore go over this process on numerous occasions during the course to help you get started!. Finally we will provide you with detailed instructions on colour theory so you always have something to refer to.
  • Full Colour Changing: we will show you the process of how to change the colour of leather
  • Products and Tools: A detailed list of the best products and tools to use. Over the years we have put together a comprehensive kit to get you started. This kit comprises of various products from different sources that we believe to be the best on the market.
  • Once your training is finished we don't stop there! If you have any questions or run into any problems when you start working on your own, then we are only a phone call or email away from helping you out. All the training packages include our full support for as long as you need it! This is one of the the main benefits of our training packages and can't be stressed enough how helpful this is.

All our courses can be tailored to you or your company's specific needs.

Whether you are an individual wanting start your own business or a company wanting to expand into the leather repair market, we can cater for anyone interested in leather training courses.

PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR DEDICATED TRAINING WEBSITE for more information on prices, dates available and detailed course information.

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